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Welcome to The Anfield Kop

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

As you may have guessed, this site is to be dedicated to LFC. Like many fans, I often find myself with thoughts and opinions about our beloved club and so this page has been created as a space to congregate those wonderings, and throw my two pence into the chaotic world of football. Born in Liverpool, raised in Liverpool, naturally I am a passionate fan of the Reds. Being born in 1991, I have hazy memories of our mid/late-nineties team, including my first trip to Anfield: a 7-1 demolition of Southampton featuring a hattrick from God - a significant catalyst to my fascination with LFC. My football background and knowledge generally comes from barely missing an LFC game in 20 years, getting battered in Sunday league through my late teens and early twenties and now casually playing 7 a side when I get the time. In essence, I am just a regular football fan, like many of you.

Although the contents of this page will largely revolve around the goings on at Liverpool, I will probably stray in to general football topics as well. I am not here just to throw out a nonsensical opinion based off irrational emotions either. My aim is to analyse through facts, figures and research, in order to put together articles that have depth, substance and meaning.

I am by no means a journalist, just an ordinary fan. I welcome constructive feedback in the comments and hope to provide my fellow reds with interesting takes on Red matters past, present and future.

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